Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Martha's Vineyard Cookbook-

We have a somewhat beat-up but desirable Martha’s Vineyard cookbook of an unusually early date up for auction this week-

"Island Cook Book. A Collection of Approved Recipes Contributed by the Women of Martha’s Vineyard for the Benefit of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital" Printed by Herald Printing Company of Oak Bluffs, in July, 1924.

This cookbook features several hundred recipes contributed by Vineyarders, as well as scores of advertisements by local businesses. In fact, leafing through the ads is almost as interesting as looking at the recipes, and gives one a real sense of life on the island at the time. Included is an ad for a “public Market” run by the Cronig brothers, which was located in Vineyard Haven (as it still is) and Oak Bluffs. If memory serves me right, Cronig’s was started in 1924, so the markets were only five years old at the time!

You can see the auction here. It began down low, and as always, there is no reserve!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Back at Work (sort of)-

We're back from a short Spring vacation, and it's time to get back to cataloging some of the vast piles of books that are now lining the hallways and stacked in every corner. First up this morning, taking some pictures for our Ebay store.

Um, wait, why is the table shaking?



ok, never mind.

[no kitties or books were hurt during the filming of this scene]