Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A New Summer Catalog-

Two weeks spent watching World Cup Football on the widescreen in the Cataloging Cave left the Book Elves quite bitter about the fact that the lawn in front of the Cave, though serving as quite an adequate croquet field, is very much too small for football. Such problems are not the sort of thing that bother the Book Elves for long, though, and they soon came up with a plan for a new game- Extreme Full Contact Croquet, played nonstop with a 90-minute clock and everybody hitting their balls, and each other, at the same time. It's not the sort of game you will see featured on Wide World of Sports anytime soon, but we are working on a proposal for a cable tv show called "Stupid Things Drunk Elves Do with Big Mallets".

But before the Book Elves departed, en masse, for the Emergency Room with an assortment of contusions, concussions, and broken egos, they finished our latest catalog-

 CATALOG #350: A Selection of Curious Ephemera for Summer, 2014

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