Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Auction Catalogs-

The Book Elves have been pruning the trees and shrubs here at Foggygates, and somebody (I'd really, *really* like to know who) sent them a little book titled: "Erotic Topiary Designs for Beginners" which they have been using on the azaleas. We now have a thirty-year old azalea shaped like the picture on the cover of the latest Madonna album, and traffic on our little street has increased tenfold this week.

However, before they got us summoned before the next meeting of the Board of Selectman, they finished our new printed catalog #274, "Going Once... Going Twice... A Selection of Auction Catalogs from Our Stock", which is now available.

This issue includes catalogs covering Collectors & Collections; French Decorative & Fine Arts; Furniture & Americana; Folk Art; Metals; Garden Furniture & accessories; Ceramics; Glass; Silver; Jewelry; Judaica; Russian Arts; Miniatures; and Horology.

Please let us know if you would like a printed copy. You can also browse it on our website.

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