Friday, June 16, 2006


We've finally got some decent weather here at Foggygates, so the outside of the house is swarming with painters and roofers. They got the last of the gutters down (it came crashing to earth right outside my office window), and the new sheathing is going up. Exciting, eh? Well, it looks a lot better.

We put in a real burst of energy and posted a number of auctions for Americana and related stuff on Ebay. Click our auction link to the right for details- we included a very nice collection of 19th century maps of the Panama-area, a scarce 1825 American militia manual, some good hunting books -all sorts of stuff, all starting at $9.99 with no reserves. Go ahead- get a bargain!

The Furniture Catalog is out this week, and you can see a copy on the website, or let us known and we can mail you one.

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