Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Books on Ceramics Catalog-

The Book Elves have a tradition of being hard on pots and plates- there was the time they decided to "Class Up" the greenhouse by repotting all the cacti in the 18th century Sevres; there was that regrettable incident after too much eggnog last Christmas when they tried to find out how high "too high" was when it came to stacking the Wegdwood dinnerware; and we're all trying to forget last July 4th's infamous "Great Minton Shoot"...

But before they reduced 200 years worth of the potter’s art to several bucketfuls of shiny shards that are being donated to the local arts center to be made into a mosaic for the new bus station, the finished our latest catalog-

"BOOKS ON CERAMICS" is now available on our website or in printed format. It features 270 books and catalogs on pottery, porcelain and related topics, with highlights including-

-The catalog to Brother Thomas's first pottery exhibition.

-A scarce 1951 catalog of Masonic pottery.

-The uncommon original 1908 edition of Henry Mercer's guide to the mosaic tiles at the Pennsylvania State Capitol.

-A beautifully illustrated 1900 survey of Egyptian ceramics by Henry Wallis, limited to 200 copies..

-A massive biography of Lady Diana Beauclerk, 18th century Society Lady and Wedgwood artist.

- and much, much more!

Request a printed copy, or browse the catalog on our website.

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