Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Catalog- Books on Furniture

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the Book Elves have become country auction addicts (though they prefer the word “enthusiasts”). Their addiction (sorry- “hobby”) has inexorably led them to another pursuit- collecting antique furniture. They began with rocking chairs, which was fine until they bought so many of them that there was no longer any room to rock on the front porch. One or even two dining rooms tables is fine, but six? And then came the project to see how many highboys you could stuff into an 11-room house (the answer, by the way, is 62 and a half. Don’t ask about the “half”, it’s a sore subject around here).

But before they glanced in their rear-view mirror, while doing 70 in the high-speed lane of the Massachusetts Turnpike, to see an antique 18th century highboy fly off the roof rack and instantly become a collection of antique 18th-century kindling when the semi ran over it, they finished our latest catalog-

CATALOG 306: BOOKS ON FURNITURE & CABINETMAKERS features 240 books and catalogs on antique furniture, cabinetmakers, tools, and related subjects.

Highlights include-

-A fascinating 1835 treatise on designing and drawing cabinet furniture.

-An uncommon 1916 book on polychromatic decorative turning.

-An interesting 1870s trade catalog of Gothic-Revival furniture.

-An early, 1841 edition of a classic American cabinetmaker’s manual.

-A beautiful collection of 1820s hand-colored plates of French Empire furniture designs.

-A striking 1867 book of colored design for marquetry cabinetwork.

-and a wide variety of classic and uncommon books and catalogs on American, English, European and Oriental furniture!

The catalog may be viewed on our website, or we have free printed copies available. If you would like one, please ask.

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