Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our New Books on Silver Catalog

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, which means a big dinner, which means the Book Elves have to polish the silver. The Book Elves hate polishing the silver. This year they decided to “shorten” the task and had a go at it with a concoction they saw advertised on late night tv called “Blast Off! –Super Silver Polish and Drain Cleaner”.

It turns out there were two reasons it was called “Blast Off!”. The first is that it removed the tines from all the forks. The second is that it turned out to be highly flammable, as they found out when they turned on the gas stove burner to boil water for tea in the middle of the job.

But before the explosion gave the turkey (and the rest of the kitchen) that “nice smoky flavor” and we got re-acquainted with the friendly fire-department folks from three adjoining towns, the Book Elves finished our latest catalog-

Catalog #308: BOOKS ON SILVER & SILVERSMITHS features 286 books and catalogs on antique silver, silversmiths, silversmithing and related topics.

The catalog is posted online, and we also have printed copies available. Please send us your address if you would like a free copy.

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