Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Our Latest Catalog-

Spring has finally come to Foggygates and the Book Elves are in full fettle, cleaning up winter debris, getting the flower beds in order and expanding the vegetable garden beds on the side lawn. Never ones to take a long route when a shorter, more dramatic one is available, the Book Elves decided to employ what they termed “advanced quarrying techniques” to break up the new beds. . .

What I find most troubling about the ensuing “incident” (as the State Police report terms it) isn’t simply that they attracted the attentions of the fine folks at Homeland Security when they advertised for 2 cases of dynamite on Craigslist, it’s that they were actually able to purchase them, rig them, and send half of our lawn sailing into the Connecticut River before anyone could stop them.

But before they created a really dandy crater in the yard which we can use as a root cellar, and sent a new island floating lazily south on the Connecticut River, in the direction of Hartford, the Book Elves finished our new Spring Catalog, which features almost 300 books and catalogs on furniture, folk art, ceramics, glass, silver, metalwares, fine arts & prints, many from the reference library of a noted Connecticut antiques

The catalog is posted on our website.

We also have free printed copies.
If you would like a free printed copy,
please send us your mailing address.

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