Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Latest Books on Silver Catalog-

The rapidly changing March weather can prove daunting to even the most experienced meteorologist, and this March's weather has been schizophrenic enough to defeat even the best of them. The Book Elves would no sooner get the sleds ready for promised snow than it would rain. A forecast for a sunny day with temps in the 50s saw them getting the lawn chairs ready only to be covered with 3 inches of sleet. Annoyed, the Book Elves decided they could forecast that sort of weather with as much accuracy as any talking head on channel 4, and set up their own You-Tube-based weather forecasting service called "L@@K -> WEATHER 4YU!!".

But before they re-labeled the quadrants on the Book Cave dart board "Sun", "Snow", "Sleet" & "Meteors", they finished out latest catalog-

"Books on Silver & Silversmiths, A-H" features 128 books and catalogs on silver & silversmths, and you can browse it on our website!

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