Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Latest Catalog-

The anguished cry could be heard from one end of town to the other. It disturbed the cows down at the dairy 3 miles away and annoyed the crows as they finished their nests in the tall pine trees-


Yes, it was true- the Book Elves signed themselves up with a Twitter account.

There were positive sides to the ghastly news- it quickly became evident that, with the Book Elves solidly planted down at their computer screens twitting away the day, the chaos & mayhem level in the Cataloging Cave decreased remarkably, and we actually went an entire week without getting a single visit from the police or FBI.

So, despite my initial horror, there may actually be a positive side to the whole thing. And hey, now I get to call them “twits”.

But before they accumulated 32,511 “followers” on Twitter, the Book Elves finished our latest catalog-


which features 112 books and catalogs on decorative and fine arts, design, and related subjects. You may see the catalog on our website.

Printed copies are also available. Please remember to send us your postal address if you would like one.

And, if you’d like to follow to Book Elves on Twitter, don’t say you weren’t warned...

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