Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Blogs Worth Bookmarking-

One of the many things I should do more often and usually don't manage to, is to note some of the other great blogs you might find interesting. I have two outstanding ones today-

BOOKTRYST - A Nest for Book Lovers is written by Stephen J. Gertz, with contributions from Cokie G. Anderson & Nancy Mattoon, and always has something interesting about the rare book world that I didn't know before I got there. Recent posts include: "Did This Rare Color-Plate Book Inspire the Six-Month Dental Checkup?" - "USC Library Exhibit Is Fan-tastic" - "My First Time, or I Lost It To A Fine Binding" - "Books Banned At Tehran Book Fair" - "Today's Hippest Poet Is 2094 Years Old" - "Peter Pan: Still A Boy At 150".

And then there's the incomparable Ian Kahn and his books blog, LUX MENTIS, Lux Orbis... rare books, random thought... Whether he's ricocheting around the country from book fair to book fair or sampling the culinary delights of his hometown of Portland, Maine, Ian is always connected and letting us know what's going on. He's just posted a very interesting piece called 'Top 20 Sites for Book Collectors – reconsidered…' which is well worth reading.

So please visit both blogs, you won't regret the time you spend there!

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