Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our New Winter Catalog!

Ah, Christmastime in New England! And what better way to celebrate the holidays (thought the Book Elves), than to set up a traditional Nativity Scene on the front lawn! What better way indeed? No problem- except the Book Elves are not into plastic, made-in-China stuff from Wal*Mart. Oh no- they’re into bigger, more inventive, more, um… “realistic” projects.

And we all know what that means, don’t we? Yes, it’s time double-check that our lawyer & the Fire Dept. are on speed-dial.

But before the Book Elves started answering angry questions from the DPW about the three dumptruck-loads of sand that disappeared from their facility last Thursday night, and from the Springfield zoo about their missing camels, and from the SPCA about the possible use of duct tape to keep the sheep from wandering away, and from the TSA about the three odd men in flowing robes and turbans who were detained at Logan Airport, they finished our latest catalog-

Books on the Fine and Decorative Arts,
Antiques, Design & related subjects

is now ready for viewing!

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