Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our April Catalog-

The Book Elves are nothing if not rabid baseball fans, and this year to celebrate Opening Day they decided to build a miniature replica of FenwayPark in the field out behind the Cataloging Cave. The whole thing went surprisingly smoothly for a project of this size (or indeed, for any project involving the Book Elves), with a minimum of explosions, fires, hospitalizations or court orders. By Opening Day everything was ready for a party, and they brought in grills and hot dogs and coleslaw and chips and kegs of beer –and then it started to snow. And the grill went out, and the hot dog buns got soggy, and the coleslaw froze... and then Sox pitcher Jon Lester gave up three home runs in five innings. By game’s end the Book Elves had retired to the Cataloging Cave with the chips and beer, and their Fenway Park replica was sitting under three inches of new snow.

And then the cops showed up...

But before they admitted to the court that they built their amazing replica of Fenway’s left field wall (the Green Monster) by “liberating” the backboards from the town’s tennis courts, the Book Elves finished our latest catalog-

Books on the Fine and Decorative Arts, Antiques,
Design & related subjects is now ready for viewing!

You can see the entire catalog,
with illustrations, on our website!

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