Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Our New Sculpture Catalog-

The Book Elves are big Dr. Who fans, so this week they decided to have a party in the Cataloging Cave to watch the BBC announcement of the new actor to play The Doctor next season. They could have decorated the Cave with the Dalek models they made for last year's Christmas Special Party, but those all burned up during this year's Fourth of July Debacle. Next to Daleks, the Book Elves next favorite Dr. Who characters are the Weeping Angels, but since it was very short notice to make up a load of Weeping Angel statues, the Book Elves just went down to the hardware store for some baby blue paint ("for Angel tears", I was told), and then, without further explanation, loaded up some blocks & tackles and implements of destruction into the red VW microbus and headed south on Route 91…

But before The Cloisters called, wondering if we knew anything about 15 missing Medieval angel statues, and long before the State Police arrived, the Book Elves finished our latest catalog, which can be viewed or downloaded as a .pdf file here->

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