Thursday, October 24, 2013

Printmaker to the Mexican People-

An item from our new Bookin'! catalog-

11. [MexicanArt] Handbill- Posada: Printmaker to the Mexican People.

Brooklyn Museum: 1944.

A handbill for the Brooklyn Museum's September 8-October 15, 1944 exhibition of prints by Jose Guadalupe Posada. Their August 18, 1944 press release for the exhibition explained:

"The Brooklyn Museum will begin its fall exhibition season with a large show entitled POSADA — PRINTMAKER TO THE MEXICAN PEOPLE (September 8-October 15). Lent by the Direccion General de Educacion Estetica, Mexico, it contains over six hundred prints, blocks and photographic enlargements and will be installed in four large galleries on the second floor. The first great printmaker in the New World, Posada’s gigantic production of twenty-thousand subjects reached the remotest village. The Mexican people well understood his art, because he re-stated with simplicity and vigor their own legends and songs, their own inarticulate hopes and aspirations. Through the medium of his prints he was among those actively responsible in preparing the way for the 1910 Revolution. Not only a prophet of the armed-mass uprising, he was a creator of an artistic expression which reflected a new social philosophy and established the foundations for a new national art. An excellent draughtsman, his work has economy of line, boldness of contour and dramatic action. It establishes him, not as a folk artist, but as a highly competent master who portrayed his era with passionate honesty and revolutionary zeal."

Handbill, 8.5"x11". Several chips and tears, creases, minor soil. Fragile. [39572] $60

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