Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Latest Catalog-

January is really the cruelest month- there are only few actual holidays for the Book Elves to celebrate, so they fall back on “second-tier” celebrations, for better or (usually) worse. One “holiday” they are especially fond of is January 3rd's Fruitcake Toss Day which coincides (coincidentally?) with Humiliation Day. We have barely recovered from Bean Day on the 6th before it's time for Bubble Bath Day on the 8th. Play God Day (January 9) has been permanently banned in the Cataloging Cave, but the 10th's Peculiar People Day is always a good time. The less said about Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day on the 12th the better, likewise the 14th’s Dress Up Your Pet Day -that may be the next day we have to ban. National Popcorn Day (19th) and National Pie Day (23rd) seem to lead naturally into National Kazoo Day, January 28th. 
Be sure to join us.
Bring a bib. And ear plugs.

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