Friday, January 27, 2006

Mozart Music Sale

It's Mozart's birthday, and not just any birthday, but the Big 2-5-0. I was disappointed to see that no networks are showing the movie "Amadeus" tonight. Sure, it's bad history, but it's a good movie, and you'd think someone would be running it. We don't have any books on Mozart, but if you see anything on our Music, Theatre & Dance pages we will offer a 25% discount on them today through Sunday, to celebrate.

It also seems appropriate to take a moment to quote The Immortal Bard (Tom Leher)-

"It is a sobering thought to realize that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for eight years".

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karen said...

It's bad history, but it's a movie adaptation of Peter Schaffer's play of the same name. Can't say whether it's a faithful adaptation; I think not, but honestly don't entirely remember. The movie's still great.

This'd be Peter Schaffer of "Equus" fame, an absolutely brilliant play (IMHO) -- see any stage production of this you can, there are some incredible monologues there.