Friday, March 03, 2006

Bird Food

We have a rising songbird population here at Foggygates thanks to a number of new feeders we put outside the Morning Room, and that also means we have a thriving squirrel population. I've never been one to deny squirrels their fair share of seed -hey, everyone's gotta eat, and it can be amusing to see the trouble and contortions they go through to get at the feeders. The increasing girth of the local squirrels, however, can lead other inhabitants of the surrounding fields to look at them with the same feelings they have for bird seed...

There's a squirrel sitting on the fence
going Naw! Naw! Naw! at the birds.
The birds flap their wings
and do silly things
but the squirrel isn't disturbed.

He's munching their corn
and he's eating their millet,
he's gulping their thistle
and he's nibbling their suet,
he's wolfing down bird seed
one type at a time,
as the birds all watch
and go out of their minds.

So squirrel just sits
on the fence post and lunches,
looking quite debonair
as he rests on his haunches;
but a high flying hawk sees
the squirrel out there,
away from his tree,
not safe in his lair.

And if bird food is squirrel food,
it's not so absurd,
that squirrels can be bird food,
for just the right bird.

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