Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Interesting Early Western Survey-

We're offering an interesting 1857 US/Mexican border Survey for auction this week. The book has a few problems and is rough, but still has many interesting plates.

"United States and Mexican Boundary Survey, made under the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior" by William H. Emory, Major First Cavalry and United States Commissioner. Printed by A. O. P. Nicholson, Printer, Washington: 1857. Volume 1, Parts One & Two.

In 1848 Major William H. Emory, a highly skilled and talented American Army officer, topographer and geologist, was sent to make a survey of the new U.S.-Mexican boundary, as stipulated in the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, which ended the Mexican American War. On his return, an elaborately illustrated report consisting of two volumes, each divided into two parts was prepared for distribution to Congress. A later edition was issued in three volumes.

Up for auction is Volume one of the two-volume set that was originally presented to Congress, one volume at a time.

You can see the auction and many more illustrations here.

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