Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring is finally here-

It hasn't seemed very Springlike, since we still have about 50% snow-cover here, but yesterday I was actually able to get outside and clean off a few beds, and the parsley, lemon balm, thyme and oregano are all coming up. And there are other signs...

The Red Sox are about to open the season. OK, they're opening in Japan, and we'll be listening at breakfast either Tuesday or Wednesday morning (I still haven't figured that out) but Opening Day means Spring!

The sun is now in my eyes in the late afternoon. Our house is oriented exactly North-South (front faces North) and one of my office widows faces due West. In the late afternoon during the Spring, Summer and Fall the sun shines in and reflects off my computer screen. In the Winter, when the Sun traces a much more southerly course, I don't get it in my window in the afternoon. So another sign of Spring here is that the Sun is moving back into the sky high enough to shine in my eye in the afternoon.

So- how long 'till we start harvesting home-grown tomatoes???

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