Friday, December 20, 2013

A Dramatic Christmas in WWI France-

A Pair of World War One French Hand-Painted Christmas Cards. 
France, 1915.

A rather dramatic pair of hand- painted Christmas, 1915 cards, each showing a war scene and mounted with a photographs of what appears to be a French hospital unit. One card, titled "Noel 1915 - Le Eparges" shows a desolate, snow- covered street, surmounted by pine cones. The second card, titled "Noel 1915 - Malines", shows a burning cathedral, surmounted by ivy leaves. Les Eparges was the site of a fierce battle in April, 1915. Malines is a Dutch-speaking city in Flanders which was the scene of fighting in August, 1914, and numerous accounts of German atrocities against civilians were circulated. 

2 cards. 5.75"x8", minor soil. [39882] $250 

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