Thursday, February 06, 2014

1840 Dartmouth College Ode-

An Ode, Sung by the Graduating Class of Dartmouth College, July, 1840. 
Hanover; E.A. Allen, Printer: 1840.

A 9-stanza song which begins-

"And is it so, that we no more,
Together meet in classic halls?
No longer search for hidden lore
Within these long accustom'd walls?"

The apparently original composition goes on to hit most of the points such odes do- we met strangers, part lifelong friends, so long to the good, easy life, and so on, but also strikes on one important point nearer everyday life in the 19th century than the 20th or 21st-

But retrospection brings to mind
Names once recorded with our own,
Who now have answer'd Death's demand
And though they live, from us they're gone".

The last lines show that life in rural New Hampshire bordering Vermont is much the same now as it was then-

Farewell, these Academic shades,
These quiet walks - these sweet alcoves-
These tow'ring hills and hidden glades,
These pleasant streams, and shady groves".

 Single sheet. 4.5"x7.5". Unevenly cut. Minor soil. [40050] $100-

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