Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Our Latest Catalog-

As the dark days of January give way to February’s ever-brightening afternoons, and weather-prognosticating rodents strut their stuff for the camera lights, I find myself oddly transported back by echoes of fading holiday carols which tinkle in my brain- Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree -what the heck are you still doing up in the living room? 

The plan was for the Book Elves to have it removed by the Sooper-Dooper Bowl, at the very latest. And yet it sits, dripping brown needles.  More ominously, the concept of a Valentines Day Tree has been suggested, with red paper hearts hot-glued to the tinder-dry needles. I fear an event more reminiscent of the 4th of July, with blazing Roman candles... Boxes, boxes, where did the Book Elves hide the ornament boxes? Oh, right- they used them for sledding.

My work here has just begun,
but here’s the new catalog,
so go have some fun!

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