Friday, February 03, 2006

Planning Ahead? What a concept.

A drippy, grey Friday at Foggygates as we begin to finish preparations for our new "Going Once... Going Twice..." catalog of auction catalogs. We have a somewhat unusual situation next week, with two different catalogs (auctions and Ceramics - Glass) due at the printer on the same day, although since they are different sizes they will not come back at the same time. Since the dual-deadline holds the promise for much commotion and muddle along about the middle of next week, I decided to try to plan ahead a bit and get at least one of the two catalogs done, in draft form anyway, early. Pre-planning- an intriguing and odd concept. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

One of my favorite views here at Foggygates is out the windows of the Morning Room, which look across the corner of the woods and fields. In the evening as the sun goes down behind them the trees are silhouetted by the fading light, especially in the winter, when the leaves are down.

The silver setting sun hugs close
among the maples, grey-boned ghosts
march row on row, across the ground. Come night, alas,
they’re not yet bound as birds
that sing, against their trees
as night glides in against the day.

The grey of maples,
marked with scars,
shining in among the stars,
as splinters echo
through the night;
the grey and yellow
splinters bare
against the chill
night's frosty air,
which wraps our knees
against our coats,
we huddle close, our
breath makes ghosts,
the starlight beckons,
a timeless hymn
sung by the free
uncaring void which
a flaming spark
to light our
ghostly breaths
in grey.

sit with me
'till break of day.


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