Monday, February 27, 2006

Wheels go round and round...

Well, the Books on Ceramics catalog finally was dispatched to Dave the Printer this afternoon, only two and a half weeks late. It's a nice catalog though... of course you'll hear plenty more about it as we get closer to mailing, but let's do a little preview- highlights include a rare 1908 book of inscriptions on antique drug jars; the earliest English-language book on tiles; a copy of an early catalog of ancient pottery owned by a ceramicist who reproduced the ancient forms as garden pots; an intriguing 1901 study of the hazards of the work of Staffordshire potters; the 18th century catalog of terra cotta lamps described by later experts as “one of the greatest assemblages of fakes ever assembled”; bound collections of Adelaide Alsop Robineau’s two periodical publications; an 1873 book on Bristol ceramics praised by Solon as “a model of what a perfect monograph might be expected to be”; and an early and scarce trade catalog of Low Art tiles.

and (as I am wont to say) much more... let us know if you would like a copy.

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