Friday, February 17, 2006

Walls too

We uncovered a stone wall here at Foggygates last summer. It runs along the back of the yard and then into the woods, and was completely overgrown with brush and brambles. Amy spent a few days whacking them out (a job she took altogether too much joy in) and there it was -our own stone wall, something we didn't even know we owned!

Help me walk
along our wall,
mossy bronze and cracked
with years of age and
mortar tacked up, into Fall
we gaze, red chestnut hues
blaze alongside
Winter's blues;
outside my window,
flake on flake
drift by in silver jubilee,
come and take some tea
with me, and help me walk
along our wall
as Winter gives
its' frozen all
with Spring lurking,
unseen, unheard,
bidden by a single
bird, singing
on our wall.

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