Sunday, March 07, 2010

Art Intrigue, Mondrian, & Lustre Pottery


* "The Art of the Steal," a break-out favorite at the Toronto Film Festival in September, documents what some call a vast conspiracy to commit the largest act of cultural vandalism since the Second World War. Or maybe not-

* For art lovers, Western Mass. awaits: In beautiful surroundings, a cornucopia of exhibitions, including new shows at Mass.MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Sterling and Francine Clark Institute -

* If the shoe fits, they’ll copy it! Proponents press for new copyright protection for fashion designers against low-priced knockoffs, asking why original ideas in literature, art, movies & music are protected, but fashion isn't -


* March 7, 1872 – Piet Mondrian, Dutch painter, who was an important member of the De Stijl group, is born.

* March 7, 1893 – Milton Avery, American artist sometimes called the "American Matisse" because of his colorful and innovative landscape paintings, is born.

* March 7, 1994 - The United States Supreme Court rules that parodies that poke fun at an original work can be considered "fair use" that doesn't require permission from the copyright holder.



"Collecting Old English Lustre. Illustrated by Reproductions of Specimens from the Author’s Collection"
By Jeannette R. Hodgdon.
Printed in Portland; Southworth-Anthoensen Press in 1937.

DISCUSSION: An interesting early book by one of the early American collectors of lustre pottery. Hodgdon had read just about everything written on pottery collecting and quotes liberally from earlier authors while mixing in her own observations from her years spent scouring American and English antique shops. Beautifully set-up and printed by the Southworth Anthoensen Press on heavy cream paper, and illustrated with specimens from Hodgdon’s collection, this elegant book provides a charming and entertaining look at the early days of collecting lusterware.

DESCRIPTION: Hardcover. 7”x10”, xv + 44 pages, plus 14 black & white plates; publisher’s boards with paper label and blue cloth spine.

CONDITION NOTES: Covers with light soil, small light spot near the bottom edge, otherwise clean and nice.

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