Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cheese, Bach, Van Briggle & Feasts


Cheese-only restaurant opens in London (just don't expect Cheddar). L'Art Du Fromage boasts 100 varieties – all French and Swiss : L'Art Du Fromage is the first speciality cheese restaurant in Britain. The menu is built around cheese-based dishes: there are fondues, raclettes, a glorified version of cheese on toast and even cheese ice cream. One of the few dishes not to arrive with cheese are the snails. Because that would just be wrong. The Story at The Independent


March 21, 1685: Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer, organist, violist, and violinist, now regarded as the greatest master of the Baroque, was born.

March 21, 1869: Artus Van Briggle was born. A talented artist and master potter for the famed Rookwood pottery at a young age, tuberculosis forced him to move to Colorado, where he founded the Van Briggle art pottery before dying in 1904.


"Charlemagne’s Tablecloth.
A Piquant History of Feasting"
By Nichola Fletcher.

“Not only Charlemagne himself, but King Midas and Robert Burns also make appearances in this award-winning history. From a humble meal of potatoes provided by an angel and the extravagance of medieval and Renaissance revels, to Mardi Gras and the refinement of the Japanese tea ceremony, Charlemagne's Tablecloth covers an astonishing array of unique feasts.”


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