Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tiny Cars, Waltzes, & Louisiana Painters


"The images on the Flickr slide show serve up a comforting slice of mid-20th-century Americana: the local banker’s slinky ’56 Lincoln Premiere reflects the summer sun outside the hardware store on Main Street. A spit-shined Divco truck delivers fresh milk from the Borden dairy. On the town’s outskirts, where rents are low and hot-rodders use the county road as a dragstrip, a custom ’55 Ford gets a set of loud pipes at a one-bay speed shop. Like photographs pulled from shoeboxes in dusty attics, the images form a parade of memories that, one by one, reveal the focal points and quiet corners of the small town of Elgin Park."

Except, Elgin Park only exists in a shoebox...

Edward Burtynsky is the Ansel Adams of despoliation. Where Adams depicted nature in its sublime state, the Canadian photographer examines the negative impact of man's industrial interventions. Yet it isn't quite that simple, because, as Burtynsky observes in a statement, his large-scale color images are conceived as "metaphors for the dilemma of our modern existence. They search for a dialogue between attraction and repulsion, seduction and fear."
March 14, 1681: Georg Philipp Telemann, German composer of the late Baroque period, and sometimes described as the most prolific composer in the history of music, is born.

March 14, 1682: Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruysdael, Dutch landscape painter, dies.

March 14, 1804: Johann Strauss "The Elder", Austrian Romantic composer famous for his waltzes, and father of Johann Strauss II ("The Waltz King"), is born.

March 14, 1903: Adolph Gottlieb, American Abstract Expressionist painter, is born.

March 14, 1923: Diane Arbus, American photographer, is born.


The first three issues of the New Orleans WPA-era arts magazine, "Arts and Antiques"-

The first three issues (Vol.1 No.1 / Vol.1 No.2 / Vol.1 No.3) of this interesting New Orleans-based arts & antiques magazine, which featured New Orleans and Louisiana-related artists, including a number of working artists. There are a number of stories about exhibitions in New Orleans' Isaac Delgado Museum of Art, an article about Louisiana WPA artists by the by the Director of the Louisiana WPA Federal Art Project, and other stories about then-working New Orleans painters.

With the third issue the magazine became a quarterly, and I've been unable to find if there ever was a fourth issue. Anyone know?

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