Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rudolph Serkin, Naughty Toys & Divination


March 28, 1472: Fra Bartolommeo, Italian Renaissance painter of religious subjects, was born.

March 28, 1903: Rudolf Serkin, Austrian-born American pianist and teacher, "Revered as a musician's musician, a father figure to a legion of younger players who came to the Marlboro School and Festival, and a pianist of enormous musical integrity", was born.


- Historic sex toys sold for £3,600 at Essex auction : Two historic sex toys thought to date back to the 1700s have been sold at an Essex auction for £3,600. The wooden items, believed to be French, were auctioned at Brentwood Antiques Auction on Thursday. Auctioneer Wendy Wood said: "You might laugh but it's a good opportunity for investment. You won't see another one in a long time." The Story at the BBC


“Art and Oracle. African Art and Rituals of Divination”

By Alisa LaGamma & John Pemberton III.
Published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2000.

“Throughout history and across the world, humankind has sought clues about the future and attempted to control its fate by appealing to higher spiritual powers. In Africa, the legacy of such efforts is evident in works that display an especially diverse range of artistic expression.


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